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Evansville, IN.

Fabulous After 30 Evansville

Fabulous After Thirty of Evansville, better known as FATE was

founded in 2011 by two awesome ladies. These two women had the vision

of bringing women ages thirty and over together to embrace the needs of

their community, while creating a sisterhood for women from all walks of life

to grow and contribute together as one unit. FATE over the years has

grown to engulf a variety of the community’s needs, serving alongside many

organizations striving for the same goals. FATE members volunteer

multiple times a month in many different facets, as well as hosting events

when needed. Members of FATE mentor the youth through various

programs, as well as contribute their own personal flair at FATE’s

popular Fabulous Girl Empowerment . FATE offers these workshops

multiple times a year in collaboration with other organizations working to

empower the young women in our community. FATE focuses on the

needs of our great community with pride and grace all while embracing a

sisterhood that stands together to make the difference that is so needed

in our community.